November 28, 2020

What Are the Important Trends in CRM Software?

CRM industry is progressing at a high pace. To enhance the bottom line of the private dealership, there are a few important CRM trends in the entire automotive industry. This technology is constantly evolving and these new trends in CRM software are contributing towards enhanced sales in the automotive industry. Learning about these trends is useful to keep your business operations updated and make the best use of CRM features in your business.

Better digital communication

Technological improvement helps in bringing dealerships to create an improved business environment. In present days, people wish to communicate via their technology gadgets like smartphones, laptops, etc. to carry out research in place of visiting the showrooms.

As per the Cox’s automotive study performed in the year 2017, it was found that a majority of people choose to digital negotiations in-person. The report also stated that a vast section of people doesn’t contact the dealership on the first visit. They prefer to walk into the store.  A car dealership understands such initial contact.

Artificial Intelligence

Another major trend in automotive CRM is artificial intelligence. This feature assists the CRM to record as well as store the information pertaining to the client. It has got a lot simpler than filtering via inventory data, leads and referrals.

As these systems are automated, very little time is spent in the collection and measurement of data. Also, the level of customer service offered by the business to its valued customers also improves. Thus, CRM processes make business cost and time efficient.

Enhancement of mobility features

CRM tools developed for dealerships help them in selling cars. It also frees up valuable time of employees for other projects. Salespeople put a lot of communication in order to close the deal effectively. With the recent incorporation of mobile in CRM apps, sales personnel can set up their text messages, emails, and other types of communication very easily.

Accountable dashboard

Car sales industry is one of those fields that face high level of competition. It suffers a great loss at the time of hiring unproductive professionals. With the CRM dashboard, a business can easily keep track of all the activities that occur between the staff and the automated system.


Like other industry types, CRM automotive industry also witnesses trends that will change the manner in which business operations are performed. Learning about all of these trends will definitely trend will help in improving profit and efficiency of the business.